Jun 21, 2011

Free Forex trading Applications for iPhone and Android.

NordFX Company is glad to announce the launch of free Forex trading applications for iPhone and Android operating system. Due to NordFX MT4 iTrader and NordFX MT4 droidTrader applications, trading possibilities become more accessible. Now all Internet transactions with currency instruments are available anytime and anywhere from your mobile phone or tablet computer.

NordFX trading applications are equipped with a user-friendly interface, combined with feature-rich MetaTrader4 platform.


  • Trading from a real-time live tick chart
  • Ability to use all symbols available
  • Place Buy and Sell orders
  • Place Pending orders
  • Set Stop-Loss and Take-Profit
  • Close and Modify Existing Orders
  • View Real Time Profit/Loss of Live Trades
  • View Past history
  • Real-time interactive currency charts
  • Real-time market price overview
  • Fibonacci Retracement Calculator
  • Pivot Point Calculator
  • Profit Calculator
  • And more...

How to download NordFX MT4 iTrader application.

The NordFX MT4 iTrader application for iPhone can be downloaded directly from the App Store.

How to download NordFX MT4 droidTrader application.

The NordFX MT4 droidTrader application for Android can be downloaded directly from the Android Market.

If you are browsing from your Android phone right now, you can use following link to download NordFX droidTrader:

Pautan Muat Turun Android Market

With QR barcode scanner.

  • 1) Open your QR barcode scanner application on your phone.
  • 2) Point your phone's camera at the barcode below and scan it.
  • 3) Follow the onscreen instructions and "Nord FX MT4 droidTrader" will be installed on your phone.
  • 4) Like it!

Via e-mail.

  • 1) You can also download NordFX MT4 droidTrader via e-mail.
  • 2) You just need go there http://www.androidblip.com/android-apps/nord-fx-mt4-droidtrader-199414-download.html and enter your e-mail address in the input box in the rightmost column.
  • 3) Klik butang “Hantar”.
  • 4) After that you will receive an e-mail message with the download link.
  • 5) Just tap the link and follow the instructions to install the application.
  • 6) Like it!

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